Music Matters Asia : In Conversation With Indie Rights Holder : Charles Caldas (CEO of Merlin Network)
Friday, May 22, 2015 at 4:59AM
DFSB Kollective in Conference, Interview

All That Matters took Singapore by storm on May 20-24th, 2015 with a stellar week of B2B2Fan events for the global entertainment community.

Music, Live, Video and the inaugural Sponsorship Matters attracted over 1,500 delegates from 32 countries who tuned in to 153 speakers and attended 13 networking events across the week.

Thousands of souls were entertained by 200+ performances over 4 nights of Music Matters Live  and over 3,500 teenage fans turned out for the 3rd YouTube FanFest Singapore to meet their heroes of the YouTube screen.

In Conversation With Indie Rights Holder: Charles Caldas (CEO of Merlin Network)

Charles Caldas shares Merlin’s independent label perspective and future outlook of streaming across Asia and around the globe

- How has music consumption changed from the storefronts of the past to the current vast array of online streaming services for the independent label and artist?

- How are these new modes of consumption providing dynamic experiences for users, and a new kind of commercial success for artists?

Interviewer: Bernie Cho (DFSB Kollective)

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