Korean Indie : Best Albums of 2016
Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 9:18AM
DFSB Kollective in Featured Artists

It’s near the end of 2016 and the time where Korean Indie pulls together our favorite releases of 2016. As always, this list consists of music I was able to listen to this year. It feels like there were a lot more releases this year. Like previous years, my list isn’t in any particular order, but more of going through albums that I heard chronologically.

Love X Stereo : We Love We Leave Part 2

I’ve been waiting for Love X Stereo to move forward. They’ve got a great set of songs which I’ve heard on the numerous times seeing them live. But I was always waiting for the next step. When they released We Love We Leave Part 2, it showed the band has changed. They’re more confident, more deliberate, and working to make their music get heard by as many people as possible.

Big Phony : Big Phony

Anyone who reads the site regularly knows that I’m a big fan of Big Phony. With his latest album, backed on Kickstarter, he finally made the album he’s wanted to make for years. It’s finally captures the talent and perspective in songs that are more complex. This is one of those albums that is a classic from the day it released.

HEO : Actress

Actress went past the brilliance of Structure and set a new standard for HEO. It’s quickly become a daily listen that will flow into 2017.

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