Music Business Association : Sixth Annual Metadata Summit to Gather Who’s Who of Global Data Experts at Music Biz 2018 Conference
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 2:49PM
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[April 23rd 2018 Nashville TN] The Music Business Association (Music Biz) will host the Sixth Annual Metadata Summit on Tuesday, May 15, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. CT at the Omni Nashville Hotel during the Association’s 60th anniversary Music Biz 2018 conference. Aimed at data experts from throughout the music industry, the program will amplify the importance of metadata and provide a high-level forum for discussion.

Sponsored by OpenPlay along with supporting sponsors DataArt, primephonic, SOCAN, SoundExchange, and VEVA Sound, this year’s Summit will kick off with a presentation from Edward Ginis of OpenPlay, who will explain why metadata must evolve beyond artist, genre, and title to enable the music technology of tomorrow. In addition, global metadata issues will take center stage in a series of presentations, including Bernie Cho of DFSB Kollective discussing how data helped K-Pop become Asia’s #1 music export; Ed Peto and Alex Taggart of Outdustry explaining music licensing in China; and Jay Mogis of Nightlife Music detailing metadata use in Australia.

Other panels and presentations will feature a who’s who of international metadata experts, including Kim Beauchamp of Universal Music Group; Jon Bender of SoundExchange; Jill Chapman of Amazon, Harris Cohen of YouTube; Deborah Fairchild of VEVA Sound; Joe Freel of Sony Music Entertainment; Neil Gaffney of Universal Music Group; Mark Isherwood of DDEX; Jeff King of SOCAN; Eric MacKay of Warner/Chappell; Jackson Mercer of Concord Music; Vickie Naumann of CrossBorderWorks; Benji Rogers of Dot Blockchain Media; and Howie Singer, Strategic Technology Consultant. These sessions will cover common metadata mistakes that can get songs removed from digital service providers (DSP’s), the Music Data Exchange (MDX) database, the music business applications of blockchain, how metadata can help rights-holders find where their songs are being used and ensure they are being paid properly, and the benefits of capturing metadata directly in the studio.

“This year’s Metadata Summit comes at a time when high-quality metadata is of utmost importance,” said James Donio, President of Music Biz. “With digital services now accounting for the majority of music industry revenue, it is crucial that each and every stream, download, video sync, or other music use be properly identified and associated with its rights-holders. Music Biz’s resident data enthusiast, our Digital Programming & Industry Relations Consultant Bill Wilson, has once again assembled experts from all corners of the international metadata scene. We look forward to an in-depth discussion.”

“The music tech space is growing rapidly in a variety of different directions, but the one thing they all have in common is they need proper metadata to work efficiently,” said Bill Wilson, Digital Programming & Industry Relations Consultant for Music Biz. “It’s important for everyone in every branch of the industry to stay up-to-date on these issues and ensure they are following the proper guidelines. This is how we clear the way for fresh innovations that will both keep revenue growing and guarantee it ends up in the right hands.”

1 – 1:20 PM

The Unsung K-Pop Star: Music Metadata

Get the lowdown on how the “glocalization” of music metadata is the secret success sauce that has helped propel Korean pop music to emerge as the #1 Asian music export in the world.

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