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Solid 'Into the Light' : 21st Anniversary Comeback 

After a 21 Year Hiatus
K-Pop R&B Icons < Solid > Are Set to 
Launch Their New Album [Into the Light] on March 22nd

[2018.03.09 SEOUL KR] 

알앤비(R&B)를 대표하는 그룹으로 큰 사랑을 받은 솔리드(Solid)가 3월 22일 새 앨범을 발표하고 21년 만에 그룹 활동을 재개한다.

For the first time in 21 years, the Kings of Korean R&B — Solid — will be releasing a new album on March 22nd and will be actively promoting their latest singles and greatest hits with a series of special appearances and live performances.

정재윤, 이준, 김조한, 3명의 뮤지션으로 구성된 솔리드는 1993년부터 1997년까지 4장의 정규 앨범을 발표해 ‘이 밤의 끝을 잡고’, ‘나만의 친구’, ‘넌 나의 처음이자 마지막이야’, ‘천생연분’ 등 수많은 히트곡과 함께 약 4백만 장의 앨범 판매고를 기록하였다. 특히 대중적으로 가장 성공을 거둔 두 번째 앨범은 백만 장 이상 판매되어 당시 한국 음악 시장에서 손에 꼽히는 밀리언 셀러 아티스트 중 하나로 기록되었다.

As a triumvirate consisting of musicians Jae Chong, Joon Lee, and Johan Kim, Solid ruled the charts from 1993 to 1997 with 4 full-length albums that collectively sold over 4 million units and comprised of K-Pop classics such as ‘이 밤의 끝을 잡고 Hold onto the Night’, ‘나만의 친구 Best Friends’, ‘넌 나의 처음이자 마지막이야 You Are My First and Last’, and ‘천생연분 Destiny’. With their second album ‘The Magic of 8 Ball’ moving over 1 million units, Solid sealed their place in K-Pop history as one of the few Korean artists to ever enter the million seller club.

하지만 솔리드는 최고의 인기를 뒤로하고 활동 중단을 선언해 수많은 팬들의 아쉬움을 샀다. 이들의 음악은 20여 년이 지난 지금까지도 큰 사랑을 받고 있으며 솔리드 재결합을 바라는 팬들의 바람이 끊이지 않았다.

However at the peak of their popularity, Solid left their loyal legion of fans saddened when they announced they would suspend their band activities and walk away from the K-Pop spotlight. With their beloved music still on heavy rotation in the hearts and minds of fans for more than 20 years, Solid fans’ hopeful wishes for a reunion never stopped and never faded away. 

최근 솔리드가 국내 공연을 준비하고 있다는 소식이 전해지면서 재결합에 대한 관심이 더욱 뜨거워졌고, 마침내 오는 3월 22일에 새 앨범 [Into the Light]를 발표하고 그룹 활동을 재개한다고 공식적으로 알렸다. 8일 저녁 8시, 솔리드의 공식 SNS 채널을 통해 앨범 티저 영상을 게재하고 발매 일정과 앨범 타이틀을 공개하였다. 티저 영상은 1996년 콘서트 일정 마지막 날 공연이 끝나는 것을 아쉬워하며 이준이 전했던 당시 인사말을 담고 있는데, “마지막이에요. 그런데 솔리드의 마지막은 아닙니다”라는 이 말은 무대에 다시 오르는 멤버들의 현재 모습과 함께 지금의 새로운 시작을 알리고 있다.

As recent rumors of Solid possibly preparing to perform in Korea quickly spread online, interest in a reunion were rekindled and intensified and today the band can officially confirm that the rumors are indeed true and that they will be releasing a new album ‘Into the Light’ on March 22nd. To commemorate their long awaited comeback, Solid released a teaser video on March 8th at 8PM via their various social media accounts announcing their official album title and release schedule. The teaser video is a flashback of their final concert in 1996 in which Solid member Joon Lee announced to their fans, “Today is our last performance. However, this is not the end of Solid.” By emerging together with his fellow bandmates and walking into the light in 2018, Solid is fulfilling their promise to their fans— the band is back and ready to embark on a new music journey. 

지난 앨범들과 마찬가지로 이번 앨범 또한 솔리드가 작곡과 편곡, 프로듀싱 등 음악 작업 전 과정을 직접 진행해 새롭게 발표될 이들의 음악에 대한 기대감이 더욱 커지고 있다. 새 앨범 발매와 함께 세 멤버는 솔리드로서 활동을 재개하며 5월 중 단독 공연을 개최할 예정이다.

With Solid once again sticking to their successful formula of composing, arranging, and producing their own albums, expectations for their highly anticipated new album is growing bigger and bigger by the day. As soon as the new album is released, all 3 members of Solid will be making special appearances on various TV/radio shows and will be staging a series of live concerts in May. 


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BBC World Service : The Arts Hour World Tour - Seoul Korea

Featured Artist : Love X Stereo
Featured Commentator : Bernie Cho (DFSB Kollective)


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Billboard Magazine : 10 Must-Watch Korean Acts at SXSW 2017

Han Myung-Gu/WireImage Tiger JK, Bizzy of Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mi-Rae attend "Jean Paul Gaultier" Exhibition at DDP on March 25, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. Over the past few years, the Austin-based South By Southwest has hosted numerous artists heading over from South Korea to perform at its music festival. If you’re planning on attending, here’s your guide to the Korean musicians you should check out:

Big Phony

A Korean-American from New York City who now calls Seoul his home, Big Phony will bring a bit of a soulful side to SXSW. The folk rock singer’s gentle strumming and sentimental lyrics will have the whole audience swaying along to his chill tunes.

Drunken Tiger

Originally a pioneering hip hop crew in the late ‘90s, Drunken Tiger changed the face of Korea’s hip hop and introduced the genre to the general Korean public. Over the years, Tiger JK, the crew's frontman, and Drunken Tiger have become synonymous, with the the rapper using both monikers in his work. Tiger JK announced earlier this year that he'll retire the Drunken Tiger title after one last album, so make sure to check out this set. It will also feature other acts from his label Feel Ghood Music, including MFBTY -- Tiger JK's act with Yoonmirae and Bizzy that put out one of the best Korean albums of 2015 -- Junoflo, and Ann One.

Galaxy Express

Garage rock comes to life with this trio, who are famous for performing with all the enthusiasm and energy their proto-punk music demands. They’re no SXSW rookies (they played the event in 2011, 2012, and 2013), but it’s been a few years since Galaxy Express has visited the Austin festival so they’ll surely put on a memorable, passionate performance.


The Sistar member known for her breathy power vocals launched a solo career with an R&B flair in 2013, and has since attempted to pursue a more hip hop-focused sound -- including a stint on a Korean music competition seeking to find the best up-and-coming female rappers. But don't worry; Hyolyn is still very much a K-pop singer, seamlessly blending a multitude of musical styles into each of her songs. Her latest batch of singles -- “Paradise,” “One Step” with Jay Park, and “Love Like This” with Dok2 -- will definitely be the highlights of her set at SXSW.

Luna Lee

Rock music looks a bit different with Luna Lee thanks to her gayageum, a traditional Korean stringed instrument. The musician -- who regularly uploads covers of classic rock to YouTube -- blends rock, blues, and pop with the ambient sound of the gayageum to create modern-sounding songs with a throwback feel. For her SXSW debut, Lee will also work with a backing band to provide an even more dynamic show.

Neon Bunny

The ethereal electro pop of Neon Bunny makes her one of South Korea’s most talented young female indie artists, thanks to her music’s ability to reflect the creative essence of Seoul -- a little hectic, a bit lackadaisical, and always progressing towards something new. She’s embraced a wide range of sounds over the years, from ‘80s new wave to jazz, in pursuit of her dreamy pop sound and is a fan favorite.

No Brain

Celebrating their 20th year, No Brain is considered the foundation upon which the rest of Korea’s punk scene rests upon thanks to their progressive music style and refusal to be complacent with the state of music in the country. Their raw rock anthems transcend language boundaries and their powerful performances should not be missed.

Red Velvet

This year has very few actual K-pop acts attending SXSW, making this girl group’s performance at K-Pop Night Out a must-watch for fans of the genre. Produced by Korean music behemoth SM Entertainment, the five members -- Wendy, Irene, Seulgi, Yeri, and Joy -- will combine sleek choreography with saccharine vocals. The quintet recently released their new EP Rookie, which followed in the trend of their hook-filled, quirky hits like “Dumb Dumb” and “Ice Cream Cake." Their name references the group's dichotomy, with "red" referring to their pop-oriented side and "velvet" relating to their more mature side, showcased through songs like the R&B slowburn “Automatic" and the evocative “One of These Nights."


The electro hip hop duo held nothing back on their debut EP Kyomi last year, an impressive album that thrived on experimental beats and aggressive lyrics, with each track offering some new taste of what XXX has to offer. Though hip hop is currently thriving on Korean music charts, the guttural and profanity-filled music of XXX is rougher and rawer than most of what’s out there. And that's precisely what makes their SXSW debut so intriguing.


While she is half of Korea's most prominent hip hop powercouple -- she and Tiger JK got married in 2007 and their son Jordan featured on Wondaland -- and part of MBFTY, Yoonmirae is so much more than that. Simultaneously recognized as one of most talented female emcees and one of the country’s most beloved balladeers, Yoonmirae has been active in South Korea for two decades and remained relevant with the dichotomy of her provocative hip hop tunes and tender love songs.

Find all of the acts' performance schedules on SXSW's website.

Reporter : Tamar Herman
SXSW Booking Agency : Drunken Tiger / Yoonmirae
International Distribution : Big Phony / Galaxy Express / No Brain


BBC World Service : Global Beats - South Korea


South Korea is famous for K-pop, slick girl and boy bands with millions of fans around the world and now a multi-million dollar industry. But South Korea also has a vibrant independent music scene, with bands playing every genre of music you can think of, and, as Global Beats discovers, increasingly seeking their own distinctly Korean sound.

Presenter Bernie Cho introduces our pick of the freshest, most exciting artists in Korea right now, including rapper Yoonmirae who is giving Beyonce a run for her money with gorgeous R&B anthems and has collaborated with husband Tiger JK to produce some of her country’s biggest hip hop hits.

Danpyunsun and the Sailors (pictured) are as different from a perfectly coiffed and polished K-pop act as it’s possible to imagine, with a wild haired frontman making prog-folk magic on guitar, accompanied by a furious violinist and off-piste percussion. Jambinai and Jeong Ga Ak Hoe bring traditional Korean instruments roaring into the future, playing them with the gusto of a rock bass guitarist.

Neon Bunny samples old Korean songs, turning them into hypnotic, electronic melodies. Goonam have a vintage, trippy sound, which is winning fans at home and at festivals overseas, and last, but not least, 3rd Line Butterfly are an award winning indie band who perform a stripped down version of one of the their most beautiful songs, exclusively for Global Beats, which you can watch on this site.


"Growing up I experienced racism and bullying" says Yoonmirae

Yoonmirae's father is African-American, her mother Korean. She explains how her song Black Happiness celebrates this heritage and how it has struck a chord with young Koreans.

Release date : 18 November 2016 

Duration : 3 minutes

Yeom Yangchun performed on traditional Korean instruments

Jeong Ga Ak Hoe from South Korea perform with traditional instruments like the Saeng-Hwang (pictured). Recorded at the BBC's Maida Vale studios.

Release date : 18 November 2016
Duration : 7 minutes

3rd Line Butterfly: Today the Day of Separation

"I'm dumped, and I want to spit on your face" sings lead vocalist Nahm Sang-ah. Today the 
Day of Separation is a song of lost love.

Release date : 18 November 2016
Duration : 6 minutes

Jeong Ga Ak Hoe perform Wolsun's Folding

Korean group Jeong Ga Ak Hoe recorded for Global Beats at the BBC's Maida Vale studios

Release date : 18 November 2016

Duration : 6 minutes

Producer : Catherine Fellows
Presenter : Bernie Cho