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Korean Artists To Launch US Debut At New York City's Largest Music Festival

DJ Soulscape & VJ Kwon Live @ 2008 CMJ Music Marathon

(SEOUL KR) Seoul-based creative agency, DFSB Kollective, is proud to announce that two of its collaborators -- hip-hop turntablist, DJ Soulscape, and avant-garde visual jockey, VJ Kwon -- have been selected to represent Korea for the first time ever at the prestigious CMJ Music Marathon in New York City (October 21-25, 2008).

According to DFSB Kollective President, Bernie Cho, “We’re thrilled to have these innovative artists make their US debut at such an influential music event. They bring a distinct, definitive Korean flavor not yet seen on the international music scene.”  

The largest and longest running music festival of its kind, the CMJ Music Marathon is considered America’s premiere platform for discovering the future superstars of electronica, hip-hop, and modern rock music. During its 28 year history, award-winning artists such as Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Moby, Beastie Boys, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Run DMC, David Bowie, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, and Green Day have all performed at CMJ.

With over 100,000 attendees, the CMJ Music Marathon is New York City’s biggest music festival and will host hundreds of live performances, lectures, and networking functions. During the five day extravaganza, DJ Soulscape and VJ Kwon are scheduled to perform together as one of the headlining acts at the CMJ Global Hip-Hop Throwdown at Club Drom (8PM - 3AM : October 23, 2008).

Co-produced by global music/media company, Nomadic Wax, and public relations/music promoter, The Bloom Effect, the CMJ Global Hip-Hop Throwdown is a live music showcase featuring some of the top breakout hip-hop artists from around the world.

“CMJ is a perfect place for a global hip-hop event like this” said The Bloom Effect CEO, Fiona Bloom. “An event that unites MCs from a variety of backgrounds, countries and nationalities is exactly the kind of event that we want to be promoting at a global music conference like CMJ.” 

“The CMJ Global Hip-Hop Throwdown has been building up for me since I’ve been very supportive of this genre and have made inroads bringing great talent to the U.S stages and now we bring it one step further to a bigger platform.  A tremendous opportunity.” said Nomadic Wax founder Ben Herson.

In addition to Korea’s DJ Soulscape and VJ Kwon tandem, this year’s event will be hosted by rapper Pharoahe Monch (USA) and will feature special performances from rising stars such as Blitz the Ambassador (Ghana), Mr. Reo (Haiti), King Reign (Canada),Empire Isis (Canada), Chachi (Cape Verde) and Too Many Fish (France). The showcase will end out with a party DJ lineup of World Music DJ’s from various radio programs and entities. The party will go till 3AM.

The CMJ Global Hip-Hop Throwdown showcase is sponsored by Scion, WNYE/KEXP,  Fusicology, World Hip-Hop Market, Remix Hotel, End of the Weak, The Flava (Worldspace), Popular Printing,  Limachips, The Hip-Hop Association and more TBA. The 2008 CMJ Music Marathon is sponsored by Microsoft XBOX360, Microsoft Zune, and Doritos.



DJ Soulscape

If a single artist represents 'The Sound Of Seoul', it is DJ Soulscape. A vinyl archeologist who excavates rare, indigenous beats, he delivers a groovy bi-bim-bop mix of old school Korean rock, soul, disco, and boogaloo served sizzling hot in a funky, fresh hip-hop style. A favorite among clubbers and critics alike, DJ Soulscape has been nominated as the Crossover Artist of the Year at the Korea Music Awards (2003) and honored as the creative genius behind one of the top 100 K-Pop Albums of the 20th Century (2008).  In between his gigs as a producer and performer, he also moonlights as one of Seoul's top party promoters, music columnists, and radio show hosts.

VJ Kwon

A pioneering icon in Korea’s visual jockey circuit, VJ Kwon is a versatile motion graphics designer/live action director whose dynamic, kitschy chic style has taken him from the underground clubs to the mainstream cinemas.  Known for his sensational local performances with superstar DJs such as Sasha, Paul Van Dyk, and James Lavelle, he emerged as a star in his own right after collecting numerous awards and accolades at various international film festivals (Resfest Seoul 2002/2003, LA Shortsfest 2003, Japan Skipcity Festival 2004). Although he continues to keep a busy concert schedule, VJ Kwon is currently involved with a variety of music video, broadcast design, and feature film projects. 

Artist Booking Agent/Talent & Artist Relations : DFSB Kollective (Bernie Cho)
International Media/Online PR : DFSB Kollective (Bernie Cho)

Lee SeungYeol meets Seoul Electric Band | Real Live (June 26/27/28)

Lee Seung-Yeol meets Seoul Electric Band
REAL LIVE @ Hongdae SangSang Madang Live Hall
THU June 26th > SUN June 29th 2008

(SEOUL KR) : '유앤미 블루’ 출신 보컬 이승열이 록밴드 서울전자음악단과 조인트 콘서트 ‘이승열 미츠 서울전자음악단’을 개최한다.

오는 6월 26일부터 4일간 서울 홍대 앞 상상마당에서 열리는 이번 콘서트에서 이승열과 서울전자음악단은 새로운 사운드로 편곡된 ‘고양이의 고향노래’, ‘비상’, ‘고백’ 등을 들려준다.

이 승열은 MBC 드라마 ‘스포트라이트’를 비롯해 ‘내 이름은 김삼순’, ‘케세라세라’등의 OST에 참여해 인기를 얻었다. 2008년 제5회 한국대중음악상 올해의 음악인상, 최우수 모던록 노래상을 수상했다. 앞서 1994년 이승열이 음악감독 방준석과 함께 ‘유앤미 블루’로 활동하던 당시 서울전자음악단의 기타리스트 신윤철을 처음 만나 조인트 콘서트로 인상적인 무대를 선사하기도 했다.

이번 콘서트는 플럭서스와 클럽 상상마당이 주최하는 ‘리얼라이브’ 시리즈로 개최되며 이승열의 지난해 9, 12월 ‘리얼라이브’는 모두 매진을 기록했다.

백소용 기자 swinia@segye.com

Booking Agent/PR/Marketing : DFSB Kollective (Dalse)


A Love Affair with <Brown Eyed Girls>

A Love Affair with Brown Eyed Girls

Live Concert @ Seoul Melon AX Hall
SAT May 17th, 2008

Fall In L.O.V.E. With K-Pop's Newest #1 Chart Sensation

17일 오후 6시 광진구 멜론 악스 홀에서 지상파 및 온라인 차트 1위를 석권한 여성 4인조 그룹 브라운아이드걸스의 ‘바람 피기 좋은 날’ 콘서트가 화려하게 열렸다.

Showcasing All Their Greatest Hits

1부 Electro & Hip-Hop, 2부 Acoustic with Band, 3부 Rock으로 이뤄진 이번 공연에서 브라운아이드걸스는 브라운관에서 보기 힘든 멤버 개개인의 솔로 무대 및 다양한 모습을 보여줘 공연장을 찾은 팬들을 열광의 도가니로 몰아넣었다.

With Surprise Special Guests

또 Mighty Mouth (left), V.O.S, Cho PD (right), Crown J 등 국내 정상급 가수들이 게스트로 나와 든든한 지원사격을 하며 무대를 빛냈다.

Brown Eyed Girls featuring Cho PD 'Hold The Line'

Crowd pumping performance by Crown J

And Much, Much, More...

Executive Producer : DFSB Kollective (Dalse)
Poster Design : DFSB Kollective (Seil Kim)
Marketing/Merchandising : DFSB Kollective (Joon Yang)


<Wonder Girls> USA Electronic Press Kit (Video/Print)

Welcome To The Wonderland

(SEOUL KR) Fresh off the success of producing Asian pop superstar, Rain, legendary Korean artist/producer Jin-Young Park (JYP) jumped into his next major project, his first ever girl group -- the Wonder Girls.

Carefully selected and specially trained under his highly disciplined, highly effective, JYP Entertainment system, the multi-talented Wonder Girls debuted in February 2007 with their mini-album, ‘The Wonder Begins’. Thanks to their smash hit song, the catchy hip-hop dance track, ‘Irony’, the Wonder Girls immediately made their mark on the K-Pop scene as new artists to watch.

But with the September 2007 release of their first studio album,‘The Wonder Years’, the Wonder Girls broke out big time with their breakthrough, chart-topping single, ‘Tell Me’. Fueled by a retro electro 80s vibe, ‘Tell Me’ sparked a nationwide Wonder Girls craze that had fans of all ages and from all walks of life -- students, stewardesses, policemen, pro athletes, celebrities, drag queens -- creating thousands of viral ‘Tell Me’ dance videos.

Emerging as one of Korea’s best-selling and most popular acts of 2007/2008, the Wonder Girls have been embraced as the nation’s sweet little sisters. And with their high-profile forays into acting, modeling, and TV show hosting, the Wonder Girls are now widely regarded as Korea’s top female K-Pop group.

Setting their sights internationally in 2008/2009, the Wonder Girls are prepping to bring their wonderful, wonderland adventures across Asia and into America.

Wonder Girls 'So Hot'
JYP Entertainment (Official Artist Website)
JYP Entertainment (YouTube)

Supervising Producer (Translation/Subtitling) : DFSB Kollective (Bernie Cho)
Band/Member Profiles (English Version) : DFSB Kollective (Bernie Cho)

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